Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Apple iPhone 4.The Ultimate Smartphone Technology

As you read this, millions of people the world over are texting, picture messaging, Facebooking, updating their Twitter accounts, snapping pictures and videos of them and friends on nights out, at the gym, in the office, all made possible by a recent, hugely popular invention: the Apple iPhone 4. Never before has the general public seen a mobile phone such as this, offering so much technological horsepower and convenience in one handy device. Some of the iPhone's most popular features are as follows: ----Picture Messaging The Apple iPhone 4 is not only capable of taking pictures but sending them as well. Capturing that moment between you and a friend, or you and a loved one on a recent holiday and sending it to a friend or your email is easy and convenient, with Apple including an 'Insert Picture' button right next to the text field in the texting app. ----Over 10,000 Apps To Choose From With Apple's ever-growing list of apps in its App Store, iPhone users can purchase and download almost any app to fulfil any need or curiosity: a mobile Guitar Hero app for younger users; a flashlight app so as to light up dark room and places; a brain teaser app to occupy your time whilst waiting in line at the bank, at the grocery store, or anywhere else that requires considerable waiting time. ----Video Recording The Apple iPhone 4 now has 720p technology, allowing users to record videos in stunning quality and clarity, capturing memorable moments for a lifetime, all done with more convenience and mobility than traditional camcorders. And with Apple's iTunes collaboration, transferring them to your PC or laptop or netbook is a snap. ----Advanced Touchscreen Along with the iPhone's sleek new exterior and updated video and camera technology, its screen has received a considerable overhaul as well. Gliding and sliding through homescreens and menus has never felt smoother and less resistant, leaving users with the satisfaction of knowing that their mobile will always work when they need it, something that has left business owners and managers and everyone in general impressed. --In Retrospect The Apple iPhone 4 is a great device for anyone, advancing mobile phone technology by leaps and bounds in just over a few years since its initial release, leaving other mobile phone companies riding its wake as always. If you're looking for the perfect smartphone for anyone from a gadget freak to the music lover, the Apple iPhone 4 is the perfect choice.


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